iSpring QuizMaker 8
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iSpring QuizMaker 8

The Quiz Maker People Love to Use.

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iSpring QuizMaker 8.5

iSpring QuizMaker 8.5 is a professional solution for creating tests that play on all browsing devices: desktops, smartphones and tablets, so that they can reach their learners everywhere.

You can fine tune each questions appearance, apply a predefined design or set a custom background and font styles for both question and answer choices, change slide layout, plus add images and equations.

In addition, the new tool features enhanced slide view mode,advanced customization opportunities, enhanced scoring system and much more useful options. Thanks to the professional support of the e-Learning standards and community, iSpring QuizMaker quizzes and surveys are easily delivered through any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS. Tough iSpring QuizMaker 8.5 new interface remains very easy to learn and use, the tool offers many great features listed below.


  •          Enhanced Slide View mode
  •          HTML5 and Flash quizzes and surveys that play on desktop computers and mobile devices
  •          Enhanced Feedback customization
  •          Design questions with audio, video, images and equations
  •          Import questions from an Excel spreadsheet
  •          Set up custom feedback messages and branching per answer
  •          Design custom quiz look and feel with the flexible WYSIWYG slide view tool
  •          Arrange questions into groups
  •          Set flexible testing rules
  •          Award custom points for each correct answer or use penalty for incorrect ones
  •          Use animation effects for answers
  •          Develop Tin Can API compliant quizzes
  •          Publishing to iSpring Cloud


Minor update 8.5 includes:

  •          Send Quiz Results to Student’s Email new in 8.5
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