Lista de produse dupa marca XLSTAT

The XLSTAT-3DPlot Option (only for Windows OS)
XLSTAT-3DPlot is an indispensable addition to our statistical analysis software suite.
232,05 €
The top 100 essential statistical functionalities you need.
291,55 €
XLSTAT-Basic Plus
The top 100 essential statistical functionalities you need.
529,55 €
A solution that combines the most accurate prevision tools in one user-friendly interface.
1.005,55 €
XLSTAT-LatentClass is a reduced version of Statistical Innovations' highly acclaimed LatentGOLD® package, which can help you discover the segments hidden in your data.
291,55 €
XLSTAT-Life Sciences
Transform the complex ecological data you capture in the field into science.
1.005,55 €
The indispensable tool for quantitative marketeers who need to understand customer behavior and trends, and make the right decision.
1.005,55 €
The complete 200+ XLSTAT features in one attractively-priced package.
1.541,05 €
The essential solution for those whose jobs involve quality control and risk analysis.
1.005,55 €
The solution that gives you in-depth insight into your products and consumers.
1.005,55 €