Toolstar® testLX PLUS 1+1
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Toolstar® testLX PLUS 1+1

Linux powered self booting test software for PC, Notebook, Server und IPC. Offline Licence ("Master") 1 Year License to burn your own USB with unlimited use.

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toolstar®test LX PLUS 1+1

   Include on offline license (Master) and one online license (PLUS)

   Independent of the operating system

   Complete tests of all important components, i.e. memory, CPU, network

   Burn-in tests for finding even intermittent errors

   Tests with up to 100% system load

   Run up to 6 tests simultaneously

   Detailed reports will prove your work

   Internal and external network tests

   Customizable for unique requirements

   Regularly updated with the last enhancements

   Bootable from flash drives and DVDs

toolstar®test LX is a self-booting solution software, that performs diagnostic tests on any PC, server or notebook (x86 based) independently of the installed operating system.

Easily customizable burn-in tests for finding (intermittent) errors on your hardware.

All test reports can be saved as either PDF, XML, HTML or TXT with customizable settings.

toolstar®test LX is regularly updated with the latest tests, enhancements and features.

Your advantage with toolstar test LX

   You test independently of the installed operating system (no operating system, Windows (PC and Server), Linux, Mac, …)

   Significantly time and money savings with improving diagnosis of intermittent errors – up to 10x faster

   Support will be more efficient and predictable

   Save your test reports on USB or LAN

   Professional appearance at the customers by improved performance via faster trouble shooting and representative reports

   Test results are retrievable at a central server

   Implementing and using your own Linux tools and drivers

   Diagnostic tests can be run in background on Linux machines

   No unnecessary changing of components

   Avoid “trial and error” by changing components, toolstar tells technician exactly what needs to be repaired or changed.

Tests in summery

Eight memory tests, SPD EEPROM, simultaneous tests for up to 512 CPUs, Cache, up to 3GB main memory and hard disk, individually configurable burn-in tests, test for CDs, DVDs and USB ports, several write, read and mechanic tests for hard disks, ports (serial, parallel, USB) with optional USB plug, tests for keyboard, mouse, mainboard, CPU, graphics and graphics memory test. It recognizes the newest hardware.

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