GitLab Merge Requests plugin
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GitLab Merge Requests plugin - 1 year subscription

GitLab Merge Requests

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GitLab Merge Requests

The plugin allows you to review GitLab merge requests right in the IDE.
It works with both GitLab SaaS and GitLab Self-Managed (12.x or later).

Basic features:

  • Review merge requests right in your favorite IDE, leave comments, create tasks
  • Easily navigate through comments in diff
  • Approve merge requests, create new ones, checkout branches
  • Browse comments in an ordinary editor when the MR branch is checked out
  • Navigate to merge requests from commits in Git Log

The plugin is a direct client for GitLab, which means it doesn't send any data to any server other than GitLab.
The access tokens are stored on your local machine in the IDE's password storage, which can be configured in the IDE Settings.

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