KeyShot 10 for Education
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KeyShot 10 for Education

KeyShot 10 Education

KeyShot 10 Education is the base version of KeyShot.

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KeyShot 10 Education

The next generation of visualization

What's new in version 10:

- animate your ideas - Keyshot 10 brings you more motion for every idea with increase control to create more advanced visuals and industry-leading ease of use to keep you moving.

- keyframe animation - control your motion, not your excitement 

- sun & sky day arc animation - KeyShot 10 Sun & Sky Day Arch Animation puts the daylight in your hands.

- environment rotation animation - the world revolves around your product.

- twist camera animation - your product animation needs a little drama every once in a while.

- visual reality - You now have more ways to experience your visuals with the new Smart Export that utilizes KeyShot’s UV Unwrapping and Baking capabilities to prepare assets for AR, Web, and full-color 3D print workflows.

- smart export - 3MF - from KeyShot to full color 3D print

- smart export - GLB/gITF - 3D visuals for the modern web

- smart export - USDZ - mobile-ready AR straight out of KeyShot

- creative capability - supercharge your workkflow

- light manager - The new Light Manager in KeyShot 10 allows you to control all scene lighting from one location. The dockable panel allows you to choose and adjust your environment lighting or control the visibility, color, power, and size of any physical light.

- light gizmos - grab hold of the light - when you want to explore lighting or make a quick adjustment on the fly, the new Light Gizmos in KeyShot 10 make it possible.

 - move tool - you loke to move it, move the Move Tool

- Solo Mode - when your parts need some alone time. Select, activate Solo Mode. This new feature speeds current workflows allowing you to isolate and work on one or more parts without the need to lock parts or disrupt the hierarchy of any other hidden parts.

- Unmatched Realism - deliver visuals that captivate.

 - Improve Caustics - make your light rays drop jaws faster.

- Multiple Surface Scattering - bounce with me. 

- Firefly Filter - shoo, firefly, don't bother this scene. Image Styles in KeyShot 10 hold a special treat for those who push lighting in their scene. Denoise now includes a Firefly Filter slider to quickly remove and smooth away specks of unwanted light from your scene.

- improved Denoise -From smooth operator to smooth illuminator, new updates to KeyShot Denoise introduce albedo and normal information for consistent results between the Real-time View and your render output along with improved results with Interior Mode.

- improved toon material - Just look at those rich, thick contour lines. The popular KeyShot Toon material now provides finer control of outline behavior to be more consistent with line art illustration techniques.

KeyShot 10 Education is the base version of KeyShot and includes: 

  • Unlimited rendering resolution
  • 500+ material presets
  • 60+ HDRI environments
  • Progressive global illumination
  • Image-based HDRI lighting
  • Physical lighting (Area, Point, IES)
  • Scientifically accurate material types
  • Pantone, RAL and CIE Lab colors
  • Axalta Paints
  • Mold-Tech textures
  • KeyShot Cloud Access
  • Bump, Normal, Specular, Opacity Maps
  • Interactive label placement
  • Procedural textures
  • Interactive scene tree
  • Model instancing
  • Full interactive camera controls
  • Bloom, vignette, image adjustment
  • Import 20+ 3D file formats
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