Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions will apply to all sales of goods and services made by RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL, through the site www.e-rpd.ro by the buyer.

Defining terms

Seller - RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL, with registered office in Bucharest, str. George Enescu nr. 42, bl. 6A, sc. 2, et. 3, ap. 46, sector 1, registration number at trade registry J40-1789-2004, the tax code RO16123395, IBAN account RO67 INGB 0000 9999 0638 8222 opened at ING BANK ROMANIA, with a working point, used as a point of contact and correspondence address, in Calea Victoriei nr. 83 to 85, bl.B, sc. 2, et. 3, ap. 33, sector 1, BUCHAREST

Buyer - any private or legal person who places an order through the site www.e-rpd.ro or by telephone at the numbers listed on the site

Order - an electronic document through which the buyer requests the purchase of goods and services presented in the site's offer www.e-rpd.ro . Sending the order by the seller shall only be made after expression of the agreement of the buyer with the terms and conditions specified here.

Contract - order confirmed by the seller. The contract enters into force when the seller confirms the order via electronic mail or other means of communication on a durable medium ( fax, SMS etc.). The seller does not consider any time an unconfirmed order as having the value of a contract. Concluded the contract ( confirmed order by the seller ) cannot change the contract only with the written consent of both parties. The terms and conditions mentioned here will form the basis of the contract concluded, supplemented by the invoice issued by the seller and the certificate of warranty issued by the seller or supplier thereof.

How to buy?

1. using the facilities of navigation and search on the site add to cart the desired products. Cart can be accessed at a later time to modify, update products and quantities.

2. if desired the completion of the order shall proceed to the next step which involves registering an account, or login ( if you already have account created ). There is also the possibility of completing the order without creating an account on our website the "QUICK ORDER". In this case the buyer will not be able to benefit from the facilities offered by the site for tracking the order, initiating a return of the product, etc.

3. for the completion of the order shall be entered the data required for billing and delivery. You can enter information and special mentions in the frame is displayed under address. They choose the method of shipment-shipping and how payment.


• RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL can not guarantee the stock availability of all products displayed. All products shown in stock are either in our stock or in stock at the supplier.

• RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL does not assume any obligation relating to delivery of a specific product, even if listed on the site that is in stock. Stock availability depends on many factors, not necessarily of our control ( ex. products are allocated on other orders unconfirmed yet, the information the supplier has not been updated correctly, etc.).

• The specifications and pictures of products displayed on the site are with informative title and may be different from the description and the actual image of the product. For a correct information and complete about a product, the customer must access the manufacturer's website, or ask for details in writing at the address cs@e-rpd.ro .

• RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL makes every effort to provide accurate information on the site www.e-rpd.ro. However there is the possibility of the existence of erroneous information including in relation to prices. In the event of an incorrect price, due to typographical errors, computer, technical or due to cyber attacks, RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL reserves the right to refuse/cancel any order for that product.

• We reserve the right to refuse/cancel a specific order if the product disappears from the current offer, no longer manufactured, it is not in stock at the supplier or for any other reason which prevents the supply. In the case in which the product can't be delivered has been paid, the buyer may request the immediate return of the amount paid, but not any other compensation.

Payment methods

The payment methods implemented are: payment by credit/debit card, bank transfer and cash payment.

Can pay online with your business or personal card in complete safety. Accepted payment cards are issued under the logos VISA (Classic and Electron) and MasterCard (including Maestro, if code CVV2 / CVC2).

There is no extra charges for transactions.

Card data processing is done exclusively on PlatiOnline servers.

Your information security is guaranteed because PlatiOnline didn't stores confidential data of your card, and send it encrypted on a secure connection to the processing bank. This way your information is safe.

Regardless of the currency you have in your account, transactions are made in lei at the rate of your bank's exchange.

For credit card payment, the transaction will appear on your bank statement with the name "e-rpd".

Cash payment by the Romanian Post barcode

How it works:

- the customer chooses the site e-rpd.ro cash payment method by Romanian Post to pay a product or service ordered.

- the system generates them by email PlatiOnline payment document and barcode required payment, detailing stepwise to achieve payment:

1. Display a document payment transaction ID PlatiOnline

2. Printing a document

a 3. Go to the nearest post office for depositing cash through BARCODE

- the document also contains instructions for the operator of the post that will make collection.

Confirmation of these payments to the merchant and the customer is automatically one days after payment.

The client has 4 days for making payment, otherwise the order is canceled automatically by the system PlatiOnline.

Making and payment confirmation as collected, the trader will send or deliver the service / product ordered by the customer, in accordance with the policies described by delivery site.

The delivery of the products

Free for all orders placed till 31.12.2019.

For orders with a value less than 390 lei, delivery is made against payment by courier. The costs of delivery will be specified separately on the invoice and are those charged by the courier company quickly, without any addition on our part.

All products in our stock will be dispatched within 1 working day of the order date. For products in stock at the supplier, the standard term of delivery, 1-5 days shall be extended by the delivery date communicated by the supplier. To avoid any unwarranted delay or blur we recommend you to check before you place your order stock availability of the desired products.

Our firm endeavors to provide information that is as correct and complete to the site, but however it is possible that certain details may no longer match the reality at the time in which it processes the order and that's why it is advisable to check in advance the details of stock and delivery.

Our company does not assume liability for products damaged during transport.

We recommend you to refuse the reception of parcels damaged, to take a picture of it and to request the preparation of a report, together with a representative of the courier, in which to indicate the status of the shipment at the time of delivery. Any subsequent claim will not be taken into account. In the case in which it will use a courier company required by the customer, risk of loss-damage of the parcel will be picked up by the customer at the time of taking over of the shipment by the courier.

After accepting the shipment by the courier you will receive on your email SMS the information necessary for tracking.

Unilateral termination/Return of products

According to Romanian law OUG 34/2014 products purchased at a distance, on our website, can be returned. The customer has the obligation to notify in writing the trader that he renounces unilaterally the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason.

The term in which you can do the return is 14 days from the date of reception of the product. Transport costs for returns are borne by the client.

Fast Parcel Delivery will return the value of the product in the shortest possible time, upon receipt of the returned product. This term returns the value of the product, will not exceed 14 days from the date of receipt of the returned product. The method returns the value of the product will be, to the extent possible, the same with the one used by the client for payment. If payment was made by cash, reimbursement will be made by bank transfer.

The amount returned does not include the transport costs of the delivery of the product by the consumer, if they were shown separately on the invoice ( the customer has not received free shipping ).

The returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered ( with all accessories, documents that accompanied him, the documentation and labels intact ). Will not be accepted for return products that shows physical changes shots, chipping, scratches, shock, signs of excessive use and/or unauthorised interventions, etc.

The lack of seals applied by the manufacturer on the packaging of the product does not bring a limitation of the right of renunciation to the contract. If they have been ordered several identical items they accept to return a single product without the seals intact, the rest of the products are only accepted if they are sealed.

The client is only responsible in terms of the reduction in the value of the products resulting from their manipulation, different from what is necessary to establish the nature,characteristics and functioning of them. For example, the client can just to try on an article, not to him and wear ( item of clothing ), as provided for in directive 2011-83-the EU, the point (47).

Can not be returned following products:

- licenses software

- supplies

- products made after customer specifications. For example, the computing systems configured to the customer's request ( BTO/CTO)

- printers/multifunctional devices that have cartridges unsealed

- the services provided by the customer ( assembly, testing, mounting components, etc.)

- software packages delivered physically, what they're unsealed

To be able to return a product is selected and the command which it contains, check the product-the products and select the RETURN MERCHANDISE. It will generate a rma (ARM) whose status can be followed in the module RETURNS.

The client can access these facilities only if you chose to create an account on our website- www.e-rpd.ro .

If the client does not have an account on our website can contact us by phone, fax or email, at the following address: arm@e-rpd.ro .


All products sold in the online store www.e-rpd.ro benefit from the warranty conditions according to the legislation in force and conditions of business of producers and distributors. All products are new, in original packaging. The guarantee is assured after the case of RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL or service websites of authorised producers or distributors. Teaching products can be done at the headquarters of the RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL, Calea Victoriei nr. 83-84, bl. B, sc. 2, et.3, ap. 33, sector 1, BUCHAREST, or directly at the service centre autorizae specified in the certificate of warranty.


All products presented on the site www.e-rpd.ro recycle, don't throw it in the trash. For additional information please contact us on email recycling@e-rpd.ro.

Intellectual property rights

All trademarks presented on the site www.e-rpd.ro are properties of the brands in question. The content of the site may not be reproduced, copied without the consent of the RAPID PARCEL DELIVERY SRL.

Force majeure

Force majeure is given by a situation which cannot be controlled by both sides, what makes impossible the fulfillment of contractual obligations such as: a state of war, political action, blockades, revolutions, strikes, natural disasters or other similar situations.

None of the parties will not be responsible for delay in compliance with the obligations of the contract or breach thereof, so long as they are caused by things of force majeure such as: to labour disputes, war, economic embargo or political or any other case of force majeure recorded in the Romanian constitution.

Force majeure ascertained according to the law protect from liability the party that invokes it, with the obligation to bring to the attention of the other parties in case of force majeure within 5 days and to submit within 15 days the documents, including the certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce through which it is ascertained force majeure.

Final provisions

The seller doesn't can be made responsible for damages of any kind which the purchaser or any third party may suffer as a result of the failure of the seller a of any of its obligations responsibilities under the order and for damages resulting from the use of goods and services after delivery, or possibly generated by the lack of goods ordered.

The terms and conditions specified here may be changed without prior notice. Exceptions are the contracts already concluded and unfinished, that may not be modified except by agreement of the parties.

This contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes will be resolved amicably or in case this is not possible, by the courts competent Romanian from Bucharest.