Comprehensive management that will address all the IT needs of your business.

Focus on urgent tasks because Statlook will handle the rest - whether it's hardware and software management, web site control, remote help, support, and more. The program is extremely intuitive and will help you manage the most important parts of your business easily and efficiently. The software is also GDPR-compliant - each module is compliant with the GDPR rules.

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The program contains functions such as:

Inventory of devices and computers (local, online, mobile)


Software management and licensing audit

Automation IT management - scriptlook ™

Alert system and notifications

Computer use and software analysis


Manage and lock USB drive

Printer monitor and internet

Website blocking - weblook ™

Customer and users incident notifications

Helpdesk & GDPR

Managing Incidents and Databases

Remote control on workstation

GDPR management

Statlook is scalable and tailored to the needs of each customer, so the price is determined individually for each customer.

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